Nokian Weatherproof C 195/70R15 104/102R available in Bradford

195 70 R 15 C 104/102R NOKIAN WEATHERPROOF C


Weatherproof C

195 70 R 15 C 104/102R NOKIAN WEATHERPROOF C

Fully fitted price: £80.78


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The durable and comfortable Nokian Weatherproof C manage its high wheel loads firmly and balanced
The strong Nokian Weatherproof C manages its heavy wheel loads firmly and in a balanced manner year-round. This high-performance All-Weather tyre is exceptionally durable and has an even wear pattern. It performs very well in slush and snow.
The Nokian Weatherproof C has different tread models for larger vehicles and lighter loads. The symmetrical, arrow-shaped tread pattern (Nokian Weatherproof Cargo) for delivery vehicles guarantees good grip on wet and snowy surfaces.
For lighter vans, the customized asymmetrical tread pattern (Nokian Weatherproof C Van) reduces risk of aquaplaning and enhances comfort.
  • Superia on snow, excellent grip even on wet roads
  • Durable High Performance throughout the year
  • Extremely stable and comfortable driving behaviour





R (Max Speed: 106mph)

104/102 (Max Load: Unknown)