Ovation V-02 Tyres Available in Bradford

Ovation V-02



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V-02 is a tyre for vans and transporters with a special compound and construction for higher mileage and better durability.

  • Reinforced structure composed of two steel belts and full nylon protector
  • Zigzag vertical groove and open horizontal groove arrangement with sipes
  • Special abrasion-resistant tread compound
  • Wider footprint and contact pressure distribution optimization
  • Solid shoulder ribs
  • Variable pitch pattern


  • Deliver extra puncture resistance and robust load bearing capacity
  • Provide excellent wet and dry grip
  • Provide enhanced mileage with reduced heat
  • Reduce vibration and provide a smooth and comfortable ride
  • Provide responsive handling and even wear
  • Superior comfort and quiet ride

Tyre Size Fully fitted price:
Size 12 Tyres
Ovation V-02 155/80R12 0Q E C 70
Size 14 Tyres
Ovation V-02 175/80R14 99/98R E C 70
Ovation V-02 215/80R14 112/110RR