Evergreen EU72 Tyres Available in Bradford

Evergreen EU72



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Product Benefits:

Excellent Handling
  • Impressive asymmetric pattern and reinforced center rib provide good handling and braking performance. Outstanding cornering ability ensures driving comfort. Outer pattern helps to provide a wider rubber-road contact area and upgrades maneuverability.
Dry and Wet Ground Performance
  • Optimized tread formula ensures excellent skid resistance on wet roads, high traction and low rolling resistance on dry roads.
  • Inner pattern contributes to excellent water evacuating. Simple but skillful pattern design improves grip and draining abilities and decreases floatation on water standing road.
  • Pre-simulated pitch order increases driving comfort, efficiently lower noise.
  • Solid centerline rib improves driving stability. Excellent braking performance ensures the safe driving.

Tyre Size Fully fitted price:
Size 16 Tyres
Evergreen EU72 205/45R16 83W E B 73
Evergreen EU72 205/45R16 87W E B 73
Evergreen EU72 225/55R16 99W C B 73
Size 17 Tyres
Evergreen EU72 205/40R17 84W E B 72
Evergreen EU72 205/45R17 88W E B 73
Evergreen EU72 215/40R17 87W E B 72
Evergreen EU72 215/45R17 91W E B 73
Evergreen EU72 225/55R17 97W E B 73
Evergreen EU72 235/45R17 97W C B 74
Evergreen EU72 245/45R17 99W C B 72
Size 18 Tyres
Evergreen EU72 225/45R18 95W E B 72
Evergreen EU72 235/40R18 95W E B 71
Evergreen EU72 235/50R18 101W C B 72
Evergreen EU72 245/45R18 100W C B 72
Size 19 Tyres
Evergreen EU72 235/35R19 91Y E B 72
Evergreen EU72 235/45R19 99W C B 72
Evergreen EU72 245/35R19 93Y C B 72
Evergreen EU72 255/50R19 107Y C B 72