Evergreen EH23 Tyres Available in Bradford

Evergreen EH23



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Product Benefits:

  • Center rib upgrades maneuverability and braking performance, increases grip force and operating stability. Wider rubber-road contact area improves sticking force on wet and dry pavements.
  • Densely distributed small blocks efficiently offset noises made by air emission in the grooves. Simulated diverse and irregular pitch order decreases vibration noise.
  • Optimal 4 channel-grooves design maximizes slip resistance, ensures quickly drainage on wet roads, promises safe drive on rainy days. Tread compound containing silicon upgrades wet performance and ensures safety drive on wet pavement.
  • Special bead design ensures closer contact between inflated tyre and the rim, avoids flying up of tyre toe, and enhances safe driving.
  • Diverse blocks distribution upgrades softness while ensures tread strength, enhances shock absorption and increases driving comfort.

Tyre Size Fully fitted price:
Size 14 Tyres
Evergreen EH23 165/65R14 79T F C 70
Evergreen EH23 185/55R14 80V F C 70
Size 15 Tyres
Evergreen EH23 175/55R15 77T F C 70
Evergreen EH23 195/45R15 78V F B 73
Evergreen EH23 195/65R15 95T E C 70
Evergreen EH23 205/50R15 86V E B 73
Evergreen EH23 205/60R15 91V E B 70
Evergreen EH23 215/65R15 96V E C 71
Size 16 Tyres
Evergreen EH23 195/60R16 89V E C 70
Evergreen EH23 205/55R16 91V E B 70
Evergreen EH23 215/60R16 95V E C 71
Evergreen EH23 215/65R16 98H E C 71
Size 17 Tyres
Evergreen EH23 215/55R17 94V E C 74
Evergreen EH23 215/55R17 98V E C 74